Street Moves at Gästrikegatan in Stockholm. Photo: Elsa Soläng

Tjärhovsgatan, hälsingegatan, parmmätargatan

At the beginning of 2020, Street Moves work began in the streets Tjärhovsgatan, Hälsingegatan, and Parmmätargatan in Stockholm. Early on in the process, the Swedish Transport Agency and the Traffic Office at the City of Stockholm were involved. Actors for electrified micro mobility and car sharing services were also contacted.

LundbergDesign, the design consultant for Street Moves in Stockholm, produced sketches and ideas based on the various needs and functions discussed in the process. These ideas resulted in modules of glue-laminated wood to which different functions can be added, or removed, depending on the conditions of the site and of people’s needs. As soon as the modules were in place, bikes were parked and people sat down to take a short break on their journey through the city.

In a follow-up survey, seven out of ten were positive about deploying and testing similar modules in other streets in Stockholm. The Stockholm modules, as well as the method itself, serve as an important starting point for the further development of Street Moves, and are currently on loan to Uppsala and Borlänge.

Simultaneously with the testing of Street Moves on Tjärhovsgatan, Hälsingegatan and Parmmätargatan, another Vinnova-funded project, also working within the mission of sustainable and healthy mobility, was being tested – Stockholms Framtidsgator.

Street Moves at Hälsingegatan in Stockholm. Foto: Elsa Soläng