Badhusgatan in Södertälje. Photo: Daniel McCarthy


Badhusgatan is a central street in Södertälje. The part of the street explored in Street Moves is one-way and adjacent to one of the city’s busiest streets, an underutilized park, and a free parking area.

Through Street Moves, Södertälje municipality aimed to investigate how new design solutions can create a safer street environment with better conditions for pedestrians and cyclists while reducing the flow of car traffic. The goal was also to find new tools to involve citizens in the process of transformation.

In Södertälje, two design teams, Växtvärket and Liljewall, have worked together. Växtvärket is a nonprofit organization and a collective of educators, landscape architects, and designers who, through playful learning, strive to improve living conditions for children in cities. Liljewall is an architectural firm with over 270 employees, including architects, furniture designers, interior architects, and landscape architects. Växtvärket’s focus is to test new ways of involving citizens in the street transformation process. Based on the citizen dialogues led by Växtvärket, Liljewall has developed proposals and technical drawings on how Badhusgatan can become a more sustainable, healthy, and vibrant place.

On June 30th, Street Moves was inaugurated on Badhusgatan with a workshop where the residents of Södertälje were invited to participate in shaping the installation and planting vegetation.

Feel free to find peace, be creative, meet others, or use the space in any other way you desire. Welcome!

Badhusgatan before and after Street Moves. Left photo: Södertälje kommun. Right photo: Daniel McCarthy
Badhusgatan in Södertälje. Photo: Daniel McCarthy.
Early sketches by Liljewall arkitekter.
Badhusgatan in Södertälje before Street Moves. Photo: ArkDes