Visionary illustration of Street Moves in Hultsfred. Illustration: Studio Era, Studio Doms, Outer Space arkitekter and Suzanne Osten.


Hultsfred is undergoing several transformations aimed at creating a safer and more pleasant town center. Oskarsgatan is an important link between important destinations in the city – the station area and the city center.

In order to strengthen the connection between the two places and create more comfort and security in the central parts of the city, Hultsfred Municipality wanted to initiate a dialog with stakeholders and the public about the future of the street. The aim is to strengthen the street’s activities and commitment to the site, and to make the street safer, more secure and more attractive to spend time in.

On May 19, the new, temporary street was finally inaugurated! The area between Torsplan and Stålhagsgatan has now become a pedestrian area and half the street is adorned with a long table, grow boxes and evening lighting. The long table can now be filled with the content that Hultsfred’s residents and associations want – perhaps a food festival, chess tournament or why not a picnic?

The design team in Hultsfred consisted of director and theater manager Suzanne Osten, Outer Space arkitekter, Studio Era and Studio Doms. The process has had strong local roots. Tables and chairs have been refurbished by the construction students of the individual program at Hultsfred High School. The plants were planted by children from local preschools; Ekbacken, Råsebäck, Örtagården, Växthuset, Silverslätten, Silverliljan, Furuängen and Målilla.

Many thanks for the commitment from everyone involved!

Oskarsgatan before and after Street Moves. Photo: Örjan Karlsson
Street Moves at Oskarsgatan in Hultsfred. Photo: Örjan Karlsson

The table and chairs of the long table are reused furniture donated by the residents of Hultsfred and bought at the Lions thrift shop. Photo: David Doms
The inauguration of Street Moves on Oskarsgatan featured a captivating theater performance on the tables by Kalmar Byteater and Suzanne Osten. Photo: ArkDes
Oskarsgatan during night time. Photo: Studio Doms
The furniture was refurbished by students at Hultsfred gymnasium. Photo: David Doms
Plantings carried out by the preschool children of Hultsfred. Photo: David Doms
Take a seat at the long table and enjoy a picnic! Photo: David Doms