Sketch of Street Moves at Rektorsgatan by Krook & Tjäder.


In the initial stage of Street Moves, glue-laminated wood modules designed by LundbergDesign were tested on Södra Storgatan in Helsingborg. In the following stage, the city of Helsingborg wanted to investigate the possibilities of Rektorsgatan. The chosen location is a quiet part of the street with a bus stop on both sides, and cycle path and parking spaces stretch along the entire street.

The aim of Street Moves on Rektorsgatan is to create a new zone where people can easily switch between public transport, cycling, walking and electric car sharing. The functions are connected through the street where Öresundskraft, Elonroad and Move About have collaborated to create the world’s first electric car pool with wireless charging. Architects Krook & Tjäder, acting as design consultants, have designed a place where mobility is complemented by tall vegetation. The new prototype was launched during H22.

Street Moves on Rektorsgatan resulted in Sweden’s first electric car pool with wireless charging! Photo: Daniel Byström