Vision sketch of Street Moves at Skeppsbron in Härnösand. Sketch: Office of Possibilities


Härnösand city center is located on the island of Härnön and can be reached from the mainland via two bridges. Along the quay Skeppsbron, which historically has been an important workplace and meeting place in the city, there are mainly parking spaces and a wide road for cars.

The municipality conducted extensive dialogues even before Street Moves and has tested temporary play and seating furniture in several areas of the city. Through Street Moves, the municipality aimed to explore the power of temporary prototypes and inclusive design processes to provide inspiration and guidance for longer and larger planning and design processes. The part of Skeppsbron being explored is the street space between Sam’s outdoor seating area and the waiting shelter for the Ådalen III ferry.

The goal of the project is to create a safer and more secure street space, making room for the city’s residents to meet. The goal is also to improve accessibility for the elderly and children, reduce the presence and speed of cars, and create better opportunities for citizens to participate in development processes.

The design team leading the process in Härnösand is the multidisciplinary design agency Office of Possibilities. The process began with two open workshops where over 100 people from the Härnösand area contributed with their thoughts on the future design of Skeppsbron. Subsequently, the design team collaborated with local producers and stakeholders to activate the city’s vacant spaces with their input and turn them into positive and well-utilized areas.

On June 14th, Street Moves was inaugurated on Skeppsbron in Härnösand! The wide street has now been narrowed for cars, making room for seating areas, greenery, bicycle parking, and waterfront hangouts. The municipality’s carpentry workshop built the furniture using salvaged timber donated to the municipality by Höga kusten sjöentreprenad, SCA, and the landowner at Sjöviken. There are also plans to construct a pavilion on the site in the near future, and a building permit process for the pavilion is currently underway.

We invite you to bring Skeppsbron to life!

Inauguration of Street Moves at Skeppsbron in Härnösand. Photo: Maria-Thérèse Sommar
During the inauguration, residents and the project team collaborated to finalize the remaining details. The ceremony included a ceremonial ribbon-cutting, a dance performance by the dance line from Härnösands folk high school, painting on the long table with artist Hans Forsell, ice cream sales, and fitness activities. Photo: Maria-Thérèse Sommar.
The flower boxes were crafted at the municipality’s carpentry workshop. Photo: Martin Edholm.
Skeppsbron with ground paintings and some of the furniture and greenery in place. Photo: Martin Edholm.
Blomlådor och sittplatser monteras på plats. Foto: Martin Edholm
Vision sketch of Street Moves on Skeppsbron in Härnösand. Sketch: Office of Possibilities.
Skeppsbron before Street Moves. Photo: Martin Edholm