Brahegatan in Gamlestaden, Gothenburg. Photo: Krook & Tjäder/F Gerlach.


Brahegatan is a street with many different businesses; restaurants with Persian, Indian, Ethiopian, and Japanese, a hair salon, a bakery, a dry cleaner, and a daily business. The speed limit on the street is already relatively low, and the part of the street bordering Artillerigatan basically consists of parking, a turning area, and some trees. Despite the design of the street, the car speed is perceived as high, especially at night. In order to create more safety, provide more space for meetings between people, and reduce the dominance of the car, Brahegatan is temporarily converted into a pedestrian street. The street has great significance for the entire Old Town area, which is currently undergoing a major transformation.

The architect’s office Krook & Tjäder has been aiding the Traffic Office Gothenburg to further develop modules for Brahegatan in order to generate functions and values ​​in which there are space for pedestrians. The module series is the basis for a more permanent design in the longer term. They were placed in the street during the summer of 2022, and will be tested again in the future.

There have been many inputs. Both businesses and residents on the street have had the opportunity to submit their views. Furthermore, pre-stamped postcards have been sent out to residents in the area to receive suggestions and thoughts.

The result of the dialogue was a green street with areas for residents to get active, linger, and play in. Thus, greenery, play, and a safer street space were leading words when Brahegatan was filled with triangular modules in wood and metal of varying height. In addition to the nearly 30 modules, 28 trees from a tree nursery were also placed along the street.

Brahegatan before and after Street Moves. Photo: Louise Lendas/Trafikkontoret Göteborg.
Brahegatan, 2022. Photo: Krook & Tjäder/F Gerlach.
Street Moves at Grönsakstorget, Gothenburg. Photo: LundbergDesign.