Expert interviews

Photo: Daniel McCarthy

Meet the experts on street transformation!

Here you will find interviews with experts in various fields related to street transformation. In these interviews, experts share tips and insights in specific areas that are crucial to incorporate into the process of change. Learn more about citizen engagement, urban greenery, ecosystem services, participatory design, universal accessibility, and much more!

Streets have always been a place of change. Technological innovations such as sidewalks, streetlights, pedestrian tunnels, and, most notably, cars have led to traffic gaining an almost unquestioned dominance on the streets, while play, socializing, and other activities have been relegated to other spaces. Who designs the streets today and what are the consequences of that? How can we create enjoyable, shared spaces? What qualities can a secluded street have? And what is the difference between thinking in terms of permanent design and experimenting?

Read the interviews and learn more!

Expert interview: Love edenborg and Ulrika palm, sALAR

About how you can challenge the planning processes to manage change sooner.

Expert interview: Ewa Westermark, gehl

About NYC Plaza project, how Gehl works with the design process and big opportunitites in smaller municipalities.

Expert interview: Helena hansson, hdk valand

On the lessons learned from leading design processes in diverse contexts, the role of the frugal design, the prototype as a tool in an inclusive design process and the role of the designer in the process.