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Rendering by LundbergDesign.

make our streets sustainable, heathy and full of life

A street is intended to meet our collective needs. Street Moves is a movement aimed at enhancing streets with a focus on human values and sustainable mobility, resulting in well-designed spaces. Street Moves is led by ArkDes and funded by Vinnova as part of the mission to make all of Sweden’s streets sustainable, healthy, and vibrant by 2030.


How would the streets of the future look if they were not designed with the car as the starting point? What values, qualities, and functions could the street have then? Sweden has the ambition to fulfill the goals of Agenda 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions from fossil fuels by 2045. In this endeavor, public actors are expected to lead by example. We need new tools to test what works, and we need to act swiftly. In Street Moves, we employ site-specific, inclusive, and exploratory design processes to address these challenges.

During the spring and summer of 2020, ArkDes and LundbergDesign designed a modular solution for the street. The modules, which were tested on streets in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Helsingborg, consisted of a laminated timber base plate with customizable components that could include anything from parking for electric scooters to outdoor fitness equipment, seating areas, and planter boxes.

Street Moves is now being spread to more municipalities throughout Sweden. Building upon the initial modules, the design process has been developed to meet new needs, locations, and challenges. This may involve considerations of the street’s scale, weather conditions, or specific requirements of residents, necessitating the design to meet new and different demands.

The core of Street Moves is an exploratory and inclusive design process built on dialogue and participation. Knowledge and methods from previous Street Moves projects are continuously integrated to achieve more efficient processes and results. Since Street Moves transformed its first street in 2020, seven municipalities —Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Umeå, Hultsfred, Härnösand, and Södertälje — have initiated changes in how we can plan and shape our street environments. During autumn 2023 Street Moves’ inclusive design methods are being tested in a new context in San Jose, California. Through the project, ideal conditions are provided for mutual learning, further development of Street Moves’ design methods, and the dissemination of knowledge about the power of inclusive design. Read more about Street Moves in San Jose here →

A possible street solution. Sketch: Utopia arkitekter.
Street Moves at Badhusgatan in Södertälje. Photo: Daniel McCarthy.

With Street Moves, the development and transformation of street spaces can begin quickly and cost-effectively without any physical intervention in the street itself, while involving more stakeholders in the dialogue on how the streets of the future could look. The temporary design solutions make it possible to explore the demands and test what works on the street with the engagement and input of residents. Thus, the transformation of our shared street environments begins step by step, street by street, until all of Sweden’s streets are sustainable, healthy, and vibrant!

Street Moves is led by ArkDes and funded by Vinnova as part of the mission to make all of Sweden’s streets sustainable, healthy, and vibrant by 2030.

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More from street moves first step in 2020

At the end of the first phase of Street Moves, a film, a manual and a report were produced to evaluate and share the knowledge gained from the project. Access the material here.